Post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Sam Van Rossom


Jaume Ponsarnau

We have been wrong in many things that were very important aspects of the competition of the game. Against Baskonia the competition of rhythm is always very important with three factors which are rebound, turnovers and dynamic play. And we have clearly lost these three things in the first half because they have been better in all three. Both in the offensive rebound and in the turnovers and in the dynamic game, our attack has stopped too many times, too much bouncing in the same place and that is something that does not go in our philosophy. And so we are not good. In the second half, we have found more determination, more good decisions, also a little more accuracy. But above all we have found more defensive strength, the rebound competition already seemed to be clearly changing. So we have put the game there, there have been a couple of moments with good dynamics that have broken our streak of dynamics. Perhaps we have endured too many players who had been protagonists of the good moment of the second half and we have run out of energy. When we moved, it was difficult for us to find players who would give us that sense to the game again but we have found them again, so we have tied the game. But in the end, they did have a triple in the last second.


Sam Van Rossom

I think that in the first half we played very soft, they surpassed us in many aspects of the game, with energy and more aggressiveness. We started the second half with a little better intensity and aggressiveness and we got into the game, but in the end, we fell short. The main problem for us has been the first half.