Rubén Burgos: "We visit a difficult court of a rival that has strengthened"


The taronja team travels to Tenerife tomorrow to play J4 of the Endesa Women's League next Sunday at 7:30 p.m. against Ciudad de La Laguna. Rubén Burgos analyzes how Valencia Basket arrives after starting the competition with a 3-0.

The coach began by explaining that “we visit a difficult court belonging to a rival who this year is a EuroCup team and has been strengthened accordingly and remains undefeated in the competition. We have the memory of last season. It took us a lot until we got a victory against them. They have a very characteristic game marked by the leadership of Atkinson, the top scorer of the previous season, and who has started this year with very good numbers. With a very good block, a physical team with versatile exteriors and with consistency in the low post game. So we have to prepare well. We have been in this line this week to continue growing as a team and prepare for a very demanding game".