Post game Valencia Basket- FC Barcelona quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau


"Congratulations to Barcelona, because they played a consistent, smart game. They won the game doing a very good job. About the game, we competed well except in the third quarter, in which we played very badly and lost control of the situation. Their defense was beating our offense and the consequence is that, at that moment, Barcelona punished our mentality a lot. We probably didn't give our best answers. We tried but probably, if we had been more efficient, we would have had more options to win this game. What happened in the third quarter is that we had a good start and found good shots, but missed them. That lack of efficiency conditioned us. We brought in new players to see if we improved that efficiency but it didn't happen. At that moment, Barcelona played its best defense and we stopped. We had too many offenses in which we found a small advantage, but then stopped and we had to start over, with the ball away from the basket and a few seconds on the clock. Defensively, they were imposing things that were hurting us. That was leading us to a heavy loss but we found answers through our defense in the fourth quarter. We fought until the end."