Urbas Fuenlabrada- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Fernando San Emeterio


Jaume Ponsarnau


The key has been that despite not finding our feelings in attack from many players, in defense we were solid. We were defending well the virtues of Fuenlabrada, which has many. In this idea, our merit has been to reach the halftime with only 31 points of them. They have taken advantage of the doubts of the lost game from which we came, they have offered us alternatives against many things that we have built. We were clear in the second half what mentality we had to have and in attack we qualified some things that could serve us for all the defenses that could pose us and we have found basketball. From there we have felt better despite not having accuracy. But we have had consistency even though we have had some trouble on the rebound and in the last two minutes they have been very aggressive and we a little soft.


Fernando San Emeterio


It was a game in which both teams had a hard time getting up to speed. They have set us many traps, slightly alternative defenses and we have not been able to catch up. But we have clung to the game based on defense and fighting. And at which we have caught the rhythm we wanted in a moment and we have taken a bit of accuracy, we have been able to break the game. And there we have already controlled it well less at the end, but we have taken a very important game in the fight to be able to enter the Cup and on a court where it is always very difficult to win. It is an important victory for us