Valencia Basket- Anadolu Efes Istanbul post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau


"We knew we played against a team that uses a short rotation and we had to use long ones. We took some risks at the beginning and they took advantage of it, finding points and good shots due to their talent. We were not playing bad, were close to playing well. We lacked making some more shots so that they wouldn't start their offenses through their defensive rebound. When we started to hit shots, everything changed. They didn't find the transition game and we were learning about their static defense, making the right efforts and challenging almost all of their shots. They raised their defensive level in the second half, breaking our rhythm and making it harder for us to score. We had a tough moment in which they took the lead mainly because of their super quality, but in the end, we managed to tie the game. It was a coin toss and we won it. We are very satisfied because we took a step forward, finding answers in the toughest moments. That is a change to increase our mentality and grow in this competition."