Movistar Estudiantes- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Bojan Dubljevic


Jaume Ponsarnau


“We started very soft, very little involved. Destroyed because they conceptually have wanted to punish things of our defense and they have done it with accuracy and with good execution. The game changed for us in the second quarter, where we found our defensive tone and we found players more involved in the game, although without accuracy or finding offensive quality. In the second half our first minutes were horrible, partly due to their merit and our mistake, not so much because of the commitment of the players in the game. Little by little we have come back and the decisive moment has been in the last quarter, where we have changed the scoreboard, we have played very well in attack and where despite the fact that they have found good baskets, we have found our quality and with that we have won "


Bojan Dubljevic


"Today was an important game for us, right now everyone is because we are trying to be in the Copa del Rey. We have a very hard rhythm of games but in the end this is the life and we have known how to win as a team "