Santi Pérez and Rebecca Allen post R1 Eurocup Women vs Basket Hema quotes


Rebecca Allen analized the game. “It's great for us to have this first win in Eurocup Women. This is very important for the Club, especially after the week we have had, so it is very good to go out and play, enjoy it, play hard and get a victory like this. Points matter, that's what I've learned playing Eurocup and Euroleague before so it's important that these wins are as loose as possible. It's a lot of fun, I think it's very good to play matches like in this tournament, because you always have to be ready for the next challenge, each match can be very different so I'm excited about the coaches' plan for the next one and it will be a great game for sure” she said. So did the assistant coach Santi Pérez. “After a few days without competing, it was difficult for us to enter. When the team started to defend, we found good feelings in ofense. We are very happy with the second quarter. We have corrected the rebound and when we got stuck in attack we grabbed onto the defense. In the last quarter we were able to rotate and experience Claudia's debut, who has played with a lot of self-confidence and we are very happy that L’Alqueria's work is reflected here ”, he concluded.