This is the COVID-19 protocol of the professional squads of Valencia Basket


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the health safety of our players, coaches and staff, both the professional squads and the L’Alqueria del Basket teams, as well as its employees and fans, have been the main priority for Valencia Basket. The work of the medical professionals of our Club was decisive in creating a pioneering health security protocol in our country that allowed our players to be the first basketball professionals to return to practices on their usual court. The complete health control project of our candidacy, together with having a unique facility such as L'Alqueria del Basket, tipped the balance in favor of Valencia when it was chosen as the venue for the Final Round of the 2019-20 Endesa League. In the opinion of the head of the Valencia Basket medical services, Dr. Ignacio Muñoz, the experience of hosting this event showed that "maintaining the rigor that we had in the bubble, we can work with certain security".


Driven by the success of that first experience, the global action model has continued to be updated and applied to guarantee the health of all the people who live and work in Valencia Basket and of all the teams that come to visit us. This has allowed our Club to remain as the chosen option to host events such as the only previous phase of the Euroleague Basketball Adidas Next Generation Tournament that has been played this season or be the host of the Queen's Cup that will be played in our city on March. To learn a little more about the COVID-19 protocol for the detection, care and recovery of our professional squads, we spoke with those responsible for updating it and ensuring its compliance and with the athletes who benefit from it.