Valencia Basket- EA7 Emporio Armani Milan post-game quotes: Álex Mumbrú


“A game in which I think that the first half we have been very good, that perhaps we should have gone 7-8 points up, instead of the difference that we have taken. At the start of the third quarter it was devastating for us in the first 4-5 minutes, especially because we made a turnover right out and we made a couple of mistakes. Milan has taken advantage there, it has been very good. He's made 7 on his first eight 3-pointers with a great percentage. I remember a couple to our credit and the rest to Milan, who had a very good third quarter. In the end we have changed the defense a bit, we have been able to return to the game. In the end it is decided by small details. We were going heroic in the last few minutes, we got hooked, the rebound escaped us, but we were already going to the limit. Congratulate Milan and think about the next game”.