Bàsquet a la valenciana: Success in the global season ticket campaign and women's tickets record


Valencia Basket wants to thank its fans for the great response they have had with the launch of the Season Ticket Campaign for the 2023-24 season, exhausting all available global season tickets and reaching a new all-time high for women's season tickets, with 1150, a figure that may continue to increase now that the Women's team games tickets will continue on sale starting next Monday.


In this way, the Club closes the sale of global season tickets, after having reached the target figure of 7,500 season tickets for the second consecutive year. The Club is committed to this limit to make it easier for there to be at least 500 tickets on sale for each game, a fact that allows new fans to also witness the duels of the first teams. Only last season, 30,000 people attended a basketball game at La Fonteta for the first time.