Rubén Burgos statements before Queen's Cup Quarters vs IDK Euskotren


Valencia Basket travels to Huelva to play the quarterfinals of the Queen's Cup on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. against IDK Euskotren. Coach Rubén Burgos analyzes how the team arrives at this event.

The coach commented that “I think we arrived very excited, prepared after two very good days of work, to an important event. It is one of the objectives of the club, the fans, and also the team, to play in the best possible tournament, and with the mentality of focusing on doing things well. Knowing that the demand is maximum, that all teams have the same objective and that only one can end up happy, but we want to focus on our abilities to do our things well and not lose our identity to advance in the tournament. The first challenge is IDK, it is a team that has gone from strength to strength during the competition, with a highly compensated and very well-trained squad and we are aware of the demands and we will try to show our best version.”