Valencia Basket sweat to beat Movistar Estudiantes at Albacete (80-76)


Valencia Basket ended up suffering to add their fourth preseason win after beating Movistar Estudiantes in Albacete by 80-76. Taronja team played a good first half to get a significant advantage, had problems to score in the third quarter and improved on both sides thanks to the contribution of San Emeterio (tournament MVP) in the last quarter to get an advantage that enabled the orange team to survive a 0-10 run. A three pointer by Thomas, a steal that ended in a basket of Sastre and the success from the free throw decided in the final stretch to certify the victory.  Fernando San Emeterio (16 points and 7 assists), Will Thomas (11-10) and Pierre Oriola (14 points) were the best taronja players.