One Team V, Week VIII: I promise you to be grateful


In the eighth session of the fifth edition of the One Team, it is time to meet Tina, an example of how someone who was helped by the Ivy Project, becomes an assistant volunteer.


Tina went from volunteer aid, and does not forget her roots "I will always be grateful to them, for the help they have given me and that they are giving to other people." And now, it's her turn to volunteer, "I like to help others, and I did not want to be separated from my classmates."


Tina is reflected in her companions, because she began in a similar way, "I from the outside I do not see that they have the behavior that I had but a little", and values the work of the Ivy Project, "They are like a pillar so that no Think that they are alone in this, that they have people who support him".


How can Tina help them? "I always tell them to trust others, if they fail they will not criticize them, they will support them, they will correct them, but that's good." If we add to basketball, the mix is perfect, "to me the truth is that I think is a very good idea, thanks to basketball we are very close all".


This Project has 10 practices, starting now, and finishing on February. We want youngsters to live positive experiences and healthy habits to be able to transfer them on scholarship or in their working experiences. Valencia Basket players Sam Van Rossom and Luke Sikma will take part on practices as ambassadors.