La Fonteta suppors the Mediterranean Corridor


Both Valencia Basket and UCAM Murcia were involved in publicizing the project of El Corredor Mediterráneo. The warm-up shirts, the photo of both teams together, the typhus price or the presence of a singular themed train helped the spread. This initiative was joined by sectors of Murcia entrepreneurs such as José García-Carrión, Marian Cascales and Rafael Fuertes.


This initiative needs the support of the citizens to make the institutions aware of the need to have a double platform of international width from the French border to Algeciras for passengers and goods, which will allow to join in less time cities as important as Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Malaga.



From the opening of the doors, the fans who came to the pavilion had several points of information located along the distribution ring of the Fonteta (next to doors 1 and 3) and in the VIP Stage in which they will be informed of the Progress of the project of The Mediterranean Corridor joining its signature to those of other thousands of people who have already initialed their adhesion to this initiative. Those who want to add their signature can do it on this website.