Oriol Herrero, winner of the first edition of the contest #DunkersMovistar30


Oriol Herrero wins Ion Galarza and becomes the winner of the first edition of the #DunkersMovistar30 competition held between the third and fourth quarter of 7 League of Endesa League 16-17 at Fonteta. A nice mate with grinding, allowed him to surpass the maté of his opponent, a a final of great level.


After overcoming their rivals in the quarterfinals and semi-finals, Oriol Herrero and Ion Galarza faced off in the final assault to become the best amateur dunker in Spain. Víctor Luengo as guest legend, Jose Maria Albert (Territorial Marketing Director) on behalf of Movistar and Óscar Bisbal as representative of the fans decided which of the two contestants becomes the first winner of Dunkers Movistar.


The Catalan Oriol Herrero got into the final of this contest by beating first Candido Matoso in the quarterfinals and Adrián Serrano in the first of the semifinals played in the league game against Unicaja. For his part, Ion Galarza was better than Álvaro Terrazas in fourth and Felix Climent in the second semifinal to become the second candidate to be recognized as the best amateur matador in the country and the 5,000 euros that are reserved for the winner of Dunkers Movistar And that took Oriol.