Diego Ocampo: "I think Alberto Abalde will adapt well thanks to his ability to work"


The current coach of Divina Seguros Joventut, Diego Ocampo, is one of the coaches present at the Training Camp for Coaches led by Aíto García Reneses that is taught at the facilities of La Fonteta from July 3 to 7. Valencia Basket interview him to talk about this and Alberto Abalde, player under his orders last season.


How do you rate the Campus for coaching?

It is the fourth year we have done it and it is a success that there are even more people on the fourth campus. It shows that they have a lot of interest, to learn and to learn from each other. Here there is no title, training, and this is important, if you do not improve, you fall behind.


What should Valencia Basket by Alberto Abalde expect?

Abalde is an important loss for us, we knew, and personally a major loss since it is in player that carries an important personal and sporty progression. He has worked, and I think he will have no problem adapting because he has two very good abilities, a capacity for work and ability to adapt. He has difficulties like having high level players in his position and having to fight for titles and to be as competitive as possible in Europe. It's time to jump into the pool, be patient and follow the line that goes.


What type of player is Alberto Abalde?

Abalde is a player who delivers, and who is always focused. A player who thinks before the team that in his personal good, will go to the rebound attack, will try to play over the hoop, will cut without a ball, will defend whoever they ask. A player for and for the team.


Can the presence of San Emeterio help you grow?

I coincided in Girona with San Emeterio and I believe that he is a very mature player who makes equipment, that creates chemistry and that is demanding. And this is going to help a lot. Also, in the middle of the two is Joan Sastre, and between the two they will help a lot and it will be much easier.


Will it help to have the block of Spanish players?

The continuity of Valencia Basket is very important with this block of nationals. Nowadays it is very difficult, but Valencia Basket is able to get it, not only with national, also with players who are not and they seem like Sikma or Sato. That continuity makes you compete and makes you team in the bad times as happened in the Eurocup, and this is a model for others, We have more economic problems, but it is the way we must follow.