Txus Vidorreta: "San Emeterio has showed us the way"


The coach Taronja commented after the game to be "very satisfied for having obtained the first Supercopa of the history of the club. We have built it up in a great defensive work, it is not easy to leave them in 63 points. Then in an incredible mental strength. We found with 10 points the break for actions of great merit and because we were denied and little fluid. In the rest we have tried to correct and adapt to his defense and we have begun to take the pulse of the hand of an immeasurable San Emeterio who has indicated the way in 10 minutes of dream in the third quarter, and in the rest of the game, the partners have continued to perform with Dubi and Green as stilettos but with support from all front and back, defensive.


The coach added that "we are in a good progression, with a defensive tone better than expected and with 20 minutes yesterday almost perfect and today in the second, making 40 minutes with this quality on September 23 is a great value."