Rafa Martínez: “Very happy to return to the competition we deserve”


In the same week, captain Rafa Martínez has become the first player to reach the 5,000 points with Valencia Basket and in the first in the history of the Club that participates in three different editions of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Some achievements that Martinez himself acknowledges "are something I could never have thought of when I signed here in Valencia, they are already very high records. I am very happy and very proud to be part of the history of this great Club and to be the first to reach 5,000 points. Although I am sure that someone will come from behind who will surpass it, because the records are for that. It's something to enjoy and I can tell everyone, I was the first (laughs) and the truth is that I'm very happy"


Three days after the return of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague in the Fonteta, the taronja captain does not hesitate to point out that "I think the Club by trajectory deserves to play this competition for several years. This season we are lucky to enjoy it. It is a very hard, very long League, with many games so that people can enjoy them to the fullest. We are very happy to return to the competition that I think we deserve all"