Vidorreta: "Our options are to remain competitive and claim a little more accuracy"


Valencia Basket coach Txus Vidorreta said in the preview of tomorrow's game vs. Anadolu Efes (Friday 20, 21: 00h, Fonteta, Movistar Deportes 1) that "we saw in the week 1 that there were very few away victories and that is something that was a trend last year. We have to keep on the good line of competing as we did in Moscow and claiming a little bit more accuracy. If we start to be the team we want to be when it comes to moving the ball, to pull with confidence, to attack strongly the offensive rebound ... If we are at the defensive and competitive level that we had in Moscow and we maintain the accuracy we had in the last quarter vs. Real Madrid we will have many options against a very difficult team like Anadolu Efes"