L'Alqueria del Basket reference also in New Zealand


Zico Coronel, basketball coach in New Zealand, visited Valencia last week to follow the working methods of Valencia Basket, especially in L'Alqueria del Basket.

The coach, who this season will be the first coach of the Taylor Bay Hawks, of the New Zealand NBL (the main professional league of the country) and also trains the national sub16 men's team, has wanted to improve his preparation by observing first-hand training and games both in our city and in Barcelona.

L'Alqueria del Basket has impressed him from the beginning. The coach did not hesitate to analyze it. "The number of tracks is incredible. But what impresses me most is that this is only for Valencia Basket. I have seen some installation that may seem a little, but never for a single club, it has always had to be shared with other things that were not basketball and here is the first thing. People who want to love basketball in Valencia have a great opportunity to come and enjoy this sport and they will never be told that there is no court or that they can not do it "he said.