Jaume Ponsarnau: "We have been consistent throughout the game"


Valencia Basket coach Jaume Ponsarnau said after the victory of his team on the court of UCAM Murcia that "we came to play on a very difficult track, which is and will remain one of the most difficult in the league. Against a rival who plays hard. And we came with the just energies of playing on Friday, with injuries. But we were playing a very serious game, the two bases were leading the team very well, with balance of play. Today we found our inner advantages and I think we were attacking his pick and roll defense well and we have been very consistent throughout the game. Maybe the risk for the samples we have had so far is that a moment of inconsistency appeared, but the team has been very solid. It's also easier when you find so many inspired players. Our three interiors that have been able to play today have done very well, Will has made an incredible match and the team has played very well with them "


The taronja coach praised the defensive strength of his team throughout the match: "We had moments of being well back before this season, but we had not been well forty minutes and today I think we have made this step. There has been some moment in the last quarter in which we have had some doubt with some concept of his, but in the end we have found players who understood the defense that had to be made of that concept and we have overcome that bad moment ".