Ponsarnau: "The game shows improvement, but we're not happy, we wanted to win"


Taronja coach said after the game that "we started with a difference in tone respect to them, and that has surprised us. We have survived well without asking time out, I was confident we would find ways to redirect it to winning. The second quarter was the only one we lost, we had 13 offensive rebound points, some after good defenses that we did, but we were not well placed".

Following with the analysis, "we have started well the third quarter, understanding that we could go back, but we were penalized three times in the last seconds of possession, we made good defenses of 22 seconds. We have ended up against your success, but we have conditioned your game. We've found Matt but not so many other players. The party shows that we have improved, satisfied, but not happy because we want to win."