Ponsarnau: "Control the accuracy from the triple of Iberostar Tenerife and try to make our game"


Valencia Basket coach, Jaume Ponsarnau has indicated in the Endesa League round 9 game vs. Iberostar Tenerife that "we play against a high-ranked team, its most important value is in the three-pointer. It is the team that shoots the most, the one that hits the most and has the best accuracy. And this starts from a lot of very good tactical situations where they find advantages. From patience they find good shooting positions of players who are very effective. It is a team that from the tactics tries to destroy the game of the rival and make them play to things to which they are not get used to. It is very important to play against them with a very open mind, be ready for everything with maximum effort and take out the minimum possible advantage so that when they pass the ball they find less shooting positions. Understand a game forty minutes or more minutes long, because surely it will be a very tough game"