Ponsarnau: "Proud of how we faced the game despite the complications"


After beating Cafés Candelas Breogán, coach Jaume Ponsarnau pointed out that "I am satisfied with how we have faced the game despite the complications, respecting Breogán a lot, I am afraid that we will be one of the few teams that we win here. And in this sense we value the win as something very positive. We have found the way to enter the game, our merit has been to get to the half-time with only 30 points received. In attack, we have had problems sometimes, they have used less the other defenses, and in this sense what we needed was to find inspired players. We have found Matt, who in the first half has been bad and in that moment he has been decisive with his triples taking advantage of a tactical situation that has generated problems. And from there we had the initiative on the scoreboard. Then they have used these alternative defenses and it has cost us to attack well, it has cost us to play what we want, but in the end we have had the solidity and consistency to finish winning the game"