Ponsarnau: "Barça Lassa is the hardest rival, we will need to strengthen our virtues"


Valencia Basket coach said in the press conference previous  to the Copa del Rey quarter-finals game vs. Barça Lassa that "the first climactic moment of the season arrives when there is a title directly in play. We come from a bad moment, especially defensively, we know the reason and hopefully that will help us to be as competitive as we can be. We are not yet, but this is a culminating moment and we want to give everything we have. We hope that everything we have invested in these last weeks will help us to be as competitive as possible now. We know what our strengths are and we will try to take advantage of them. We know that we played against the best team we can face in this tournament, but we believe in our trusts and our virtues. To compete against their physical capacity, the first thing is to enhance our virtues. And I think our virtues are good against that physical superiority "