Throwback to 2003 ULEB Cup: the first European title


In the 2002-03 season, Valencia Basket participated in the first edition of a new European competition, the ULEB Cup, and ended up taking the trophy beating KRKA Novo Mesto in the Finals.


Bernard Hopkins, Brian Cardinal, Alejandro Montecchia, Pedro Robles, Federico Kammerichs, Nacho Rodilla, José Antonio Paraíso, Asier García, Fabricio Oberto, Víctor Luengo and Dejan Tomasevic, directed by Paco Olmos. These were the members of the roster in our first European title. Alessandro Abbio and Oliver Arteaga did not play on that April 24, 2003, but they were also champions.


Two of the Argentines of that roster take us through their memory to that night of almost 16 years ago. The FIBA Hall of Fame member ​​Fabricio Oberto remembers that "in 2003 in the Fonteta we were champions of the ULEB Cup. And in a full gym as it is going to be, it is impossible not to have a good night of playing basketball". On the other hand, the playmaker Alejandro Montecchia remembers that "the Fonteta that day was fundamental, people supported the team for that first international title for Valencia. Surely for this final of the EuroCup people will again be fundamental to achieve that goal". Both players also wanted to thank the love that Valencia Basket fans always give them and launched a wish through the video. To reunite the players of that first continental champion team in Valencia.