Ponsarnau: "To compete in Andorra we must give a strong, focused and collective answer"


Valencia Basket coach, Jaume Ponsarnau, said before the Endesa League round 26 game on the court of MoraBanc Andorra that "we will play against a very competitive team, the test has been their level and the EuroCup they have done, that for very little they have not reached the Finals. It is a team that has been living different times and now they are in an upward moment, especially after ending the EuroCup, with competitive confidence and physical level. It is a high level team that if you don’t give a strong, well-focused and collective opposition against them, they can go over you. They have done it with many of the teams that have passed through there. And we have to be 100% as a team if we want to compete at the needed level"