Allison Feaster: “Very proud to have played here and come as an ambassador for the Jr. NBA”


A legend of the WNBA with past taronja. Allison Feaster returns to Valencia as an ambassador for the Jr. NBA at the Europe & Middle East Training Camp pevious to the Global Championship to be held in Orlando. The retired player, played at Ros Casares in the 2006-07 season after passing through Los Angeles Sparks and Charlotte Sting and before joining Indiana Fever, all of them women's NBA teams. His ties with Valencia remain very strong.


The American has returned on this occasion with a purpose, to be the reference of the 20 boys and girls of our continent in their preparation for the Jr NBA Global Championship: “I am very proud to be here. I have always valued having these opportunities to share my experiences with children, with young players who want to access tournaments, the university, at a high level”. For her it is essential that, especially the girls, have role models, "something very important for young players who want to become professionals". Therefore, participating in this type of tournaments allows them to see her "in order to be an example for them."


The truth is that Feaster wastes no chance to come back to Valencia, where she has a great root: "When they told me to come here I didn't think much." The former player says that she takes advantage of “every opportunity I have to return to Spain to visit my people”.


Since she was part of the roster of Ros Casares, the women's basketball team has had a great progression after being integrated into Valencia Basket, the promotion to Women's League 1 or the creation of L’Alqueria del Basket. Feaster has seen great progress but keeping the essence: “I see the facilities, which are impressive, but what has not changed much is the people. Esteban, Toni... There are many people who remain in this club, who believed in this club many years ago and now they are here doing something very important in the women's league. Very proud to have played here and to come as an ambassador for Jr. NBA”.


It was not the first time that the American stepped on taronja facilities but says she has not seen many similarities and that "it is great that boys and girls can come here and have a place worthy of the work they do." However, many of his visits to Valencia have gone through the Fonteta. The former WNBA player is closely following the evolution of the women's team: “I came several times to watch a regular league game and also came in the playoff. What they did after they went up to the category was impressive. I think this year they will do even better. Step by step they will get where they want to go”.