Ponsarnau: "It was a very nice night, but we hope it is not the last"


The coach Taronja analyzed the game by commenting that “we started having problems in defense, played with efficiency and very easy, and also with problems in attack, without dynamism, without bravery. With the bench, we found a lot of energy, defended well and changed the game with the triples. In the second part we have played against a defense of changes, without much dynamism, but we have found balance making ourselves strong in the rebound, which has been the most important thing today ”.

On the comeback “of course, to overcome they have counted the previous victories, trust counts. We have started badly but we have known the reason, and people from the bench have come out with a very clear mentality ”.

On the reaction, “when you turn on the switches you find more players, and you have spirit, we have consolidated a spirit as a team. It has been a very beautiful night, but we hope it is not the last ”.

On the key to this streak, "it has been key to have energy to play all these games, adding players who came out with desire."