Rubén Burgos: "We won with race"


The coach analyzed the game. “The adjusted score reflects what we said before the game, third against fifth, they came in good dynamics and they showed it. I want to value their defensive work, they have chosen the best plan. We collapsed in the first part. It is true that our shooting success was low, but we didn't have good shooting positions, we lost a lot of balls and we weren't comfortable. They did, the first two quarters. We finally saw our team after the break, what we usually play and what we want to be. We took this game with race and with more success in the three points shots than in two pointers. The coaches are a bit angry because of the 11 free throws failed, because the game would have been different, but it's one more victory, we are getting used to this script, but the league is even and Araski goes up. We are satisfied and now we have to prepare what comes to us, which is getting harder and harder” he said.