Great choral victory in St. Petersburg to sneak into the top 8 (81-86)


Valencia Basket wins the St. Petersburg Zenit court in a game that had Maurice Ndour as the best player with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks, seconded by top scorer Vanja Marinkovic with 14 points. Valencia BAsket sneaks into the top 8 for the first time this season.

Coach Jaume Ponsarnau used Guillem Vives, Jordan Loyd, Fernando San Emeterio, Aaron Doornekamp and Maurice Ndour to start. San Emeterio from the personnel line opened the scoring and although Renfroe and Zubkov turned him around, the Taronja team held back his offensive mistakes and a triple Ndour put him back on top. You live after a robbery and Loyd in an individual action extended the partial taronja to 0-7 to a basket after Ayón's offensive rebound (6-9 min. 5). Renfroe tied him with a 2 + 1 and Ponitka with a triple placed 12-9. Ndour from the free throw cut the partial against, Ayón patted inside the shot of Zubkov and the Russian power forward himself converted a triple for 17-11. Doornekamp made the basket in the low post and Loyd after a robbery put the tray to trim. After the review, Zubkov's triple stayed in two and Abalde with a tray turned the scoreboard around. Marinkovic scored three times and left the score at 16-20 at the end of the first act.

Motum nailed the triple in his first action on the track, Albicy scored from the middle distance and Will Thomas from the free throw put the 20-23. Marinkovic attacked the hoop to put the tray and Albicy nailed the triple to bring the Russians closer. Motum with an individual action defended the taronja rent, Will continued to hurt under the hoop and Abalde did not forgive from the middle distance. A lack of three shots on Marinkovic put the seven ahead again and Iverson after offensive rebound put the 27-32 to reach the middle of the second quarter. Colton Iverson imposed his size under the hoops to score with second options and a basket in transition from Voronov led Ponsarnau to stop the game with 31-32. Albicy turned the game around with a triple and Ndour cut the set scoring after offensive rebound to tie it. San Emeterio and Loyd in transition gave another taronja pull and Motum patted Van Rossom's shot to partially recover the visiting advantage before a basket of Abromaitis for 36-40 two minutes from the break. San Emeterio nailed the triple, Albicy returned it to him and Loyd kept on the triplista festival with another distant one. Albicy in the race got the triple room in a row. The final shot of Loyd licked the hoop but did not enter and the game went to rest with 42-46.

The second half began with an exchange of errors up to a triple by Alberto Abalde and a basket under the ring of Colton Iverson. The level of the defenses caused forced shots and losses until Abalde connected with Ndour under the hoop and Ponitka patted Iverson's shot inside (46-51 min. 25). A triple of Doornekamp put the taronja team up eight when the television dead time arrived and after several errors, Trushkin with another put the 49-54. Abalde converted from the middle distance, Colton Iverson did the same and Motum found Van Rossom for the tray. After another good defense, the Australian in the race turned an acrobatic tray and after the Russian failed, Motum traced the baseline to get a 2 + 1 that left the score at 51-63 with ten minutes to play.


Zubkov put the first of the last act but Marinkovic responded with a 3 + 1 to put a new high before the Trushkin tray and the tray after theft of Albicy for 57-67. The celestial team now found the success it had lacked in the third act, but Van Rossom under the hoop protected the taronja rent. Trushkin became the offensive benchmark of his own but Van Rossom nailed triple when he tightened the Zenit with his pressing defense. Voronov returned it but Marinkovic found the way to the hoop in an individual action. A lit Trushkin and Voronov under the ring cut and a 2 + 1 of Zubkov put the 71-74 five minutes from the end. Voronov tied him at 74 with a triple and Ndour cut the set against with an individual action. Aaron Doornekamp with a triple from the corner gave the taronja some air but Albicy got in from the middle distance to put the 76-79. Doornekamp found Vives for the tray that put the taronja box up five in the last two minutes and then took out a lack of attack from Zubkov. And he completed his decisive moment with a triple that put the 76-84 at 1:04 of the end. Zubkov quickly fouled and did not forgive from the line, Van Rossom missed the plate and Hollins hit the triple for 81-84. Van Rossom went to the free kick and did not forgive. Albicy's triple fell short and the Taronja team slept the ball to add their tenth