Official statement


Regarding the Euroleague game to be played tomorrow, Thursday 5 in the Fonteta, between the Valencia Basket Club and Armani AX Exchange Milan, and specifically regarding the “recommendation of extraordinary measures in relation to the situation caused by COVID-19 ” of the health authorities, the Club informs:


That from the moment in which he has been aware of the news, he has been in permanent contact with the health authorities, providing in a transparent and proactive way the precise documentation and information for, in line with the messages of tranquility that are being transmitted socially, demonstrate that there is no risk with regard to fans; stating that it will always take, as it cannot be otherwise, the measures that the health authorities agree in this regard.


Therefore, in order not to generate concern in our fans, give normality and avoid misinformation, the Club wants to share with the public the following objective data regarding the playing of said Euroleague game, which have been made available to the health authorities to be able to adopt a coherent decision and within absolute normality regarding this specific situation:


1.- The Club is aware that Italian fans do not travel to witness the game, and therefore there is no movement of fans from the risk areas.


2.- The La Fonteta gym has a capacity of 8,000 spectators, of which 7,750 are season ticket holders of the club. The other tickets, specifically 74 have been sold to local public. Therefore, there would be no displaced fans from the affected areas of Italy.


3.- The Club has informed Italian journalists that planned to cover the game, that they do not travel and that all the necessary information will be sent to them electronically and online.


4.- The Club has offered the possibility that only its 7,750 season ticket holders Access to the game, and therefore, giving up and returning the amount to the 74 local fans who acquired the ticket; activating the mechanical access lathes in this regard and confirming it in a reliable way.


5.- That, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Spanish health authorities, the attending fans will be informed of the hygiene measures recommended in this situation.


Once all this information and measures have been transferred to the health authorities, the decision of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health of the Generalitat Valenciana has been that the game is going to be played behind closed doors, and thus the fans are informed.


With this we comply with this decision to play the game behind closed doors, even if the Club does not like the decision, since with the aforementioned measures the game would meet the requirements to be able to compete with the public and under total and absolute normality, which we understand is the objective that it was intended, and not to generate a worrying sensation in this particular case.