Ponsarnau: "I regret not having had a little more accuracy at the end"


The coach Taronja commented that “we have started defending his static very well, like almost the whole game, although in attack some unnecessary loss has allowed them to run. Some missed layup with poor balance has allowed them to return with their career, but the sensations were good. Labeyrie's injury has been very decisive for what it has meant mentally even to be aware of whether he could play when facing one of the best fours in Europe ”.


"In the second half I have been undermining the losses and their counterattacks, and the mistake in the triple, which has been decisive for not being in the game. We have made a good effort on the rebound to have options, and at the end regret the success, because of energy we have had a point at the end.


“In the push and pull, they have had baskets of merit and ours have not entered. Those almost have had them, but still we have shot in the last second to win. It is true that this season has come out more times cross ”.