Valencia Basket launches the Taronja Club for the 2020-21 season


Valencia Basket has launched the initiative again to allow small and medium-sized companies to join the great family of collaborators of our Club. The Taronja Club was created with the purpose of becoming a meeting point for companies that identify with Valencia Basket and its values. And that they do not want to miss the opportunity to link directly with our entity.

Those responsible for companies interested in knowing the advantages of belonging to the Taronja Club can request all the information through the email .

A Taronja Club also for subscribers

The Taronja Club will not only bring benefits for its members. The collaborating companies will offer advantages, discounts and offers of different kinds that all our subscribers can take advantage of, both the holders of the total subscription and the female subscription. And that can be consulted through the new space of the Taronja Club located on the official website of Valencia Basket.

In addition, our social networks will be in charge of showing the benefits of being a club subscriber in the companies of the new Taronja Club, both in the Instagram Stories and in a Facebook photo gallery created for the occasion.