Post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Bojan Dubljevic


Jaume Ponsarnau

We have known how to live a very tough game and that we could have doubts or fears about coming from a loss on the first round. But the feeling has been good that the team, despite the mental demands that the game has had, a great merit of Andorra, we have known how to live all the moments. They make up the points gap many times and always at the moment in which they got into the game, we were back to being solid, especially in defense. In attack we are not yet a consistent team, we have talent but we are too far from rigor and that affects us in terms of understanding. We are building them but today has been a step forward. What I am very satisfied with is the defensive work.


Bojan Dubljevic

Very important game, it is very important for us to get this victory. We have played well, especially on defense. We need to keep working, in two days we have an important game, very hard and we need to win it too