Valencia Basket wins again in the Endesa League on the Urbas Fuenlabrada’s court (61-68)


Valencia Basket added their sixth win in the Endesa League from defense to prevail on the Urbas Fuenlabrada’s court by 61-68. After a first half full of inaccuracies on both sides, the taronja team left in six points in the third quarter and five minutes without scoring one of the best attacks in the Endesa League to achieve a 2-20 run that was key to the luck of the game. When Urbas Fuenlabrada tried to react in the last quarter by trying to play fast, three triples in a row from the Taronja squad cut off the approach attempt. The final reaction of the locals arrived without time to turn the scoreboard but left the taronja advantage in seven points. Kalinic with 12 points and 7 rebounds was the best of our team.