Laura Juskaite and Rubén Burgos post J14 LFEndesa vs Movistar Estudiantes quotes


Laura Juskaite highlighted the defensive level in the game. “The key to win was the defense. They have scored only 51. In the first half we weren't so hard, in the second we were very good and that made us win” she said. Rubén Burgos shared his opinion. “Satisfied with the victory and with the solvency of the players and the team after the break against a great rival. We had prepared ourselves for this. In the first 20 minutes we didn't control the game from the defense. It is true that the pairings had to be corrected and they conditioned the first two quarters. The offensive rhythm and scoring were keeping us going. The plan after the break was to use our tools and lower their score and we did it. The inner potential of our roster has also been imposed. It was a very important match, coming home after a close defeat. Win back. Now to prepare for IDK who plays for the Cup, and we are hoping to close a good first round” he analyzed.