Pre-Copa del Rey de Madrid 2021 quotes: Bojan Dubljevic and Jaime Pradilla


Captain Bojan Dubljevic and power forward Jaime Pradilla have been in charge of appearing this morning before the start of the Copa del Rey de Madrid 2021, in which the taronja squad will open the tournament on Thursday, February 11 at 21:30h against Real Madrid. The Montenegrin center did not hesitate to point out that “I see us well, I think we are ready to play the Copa del Rey. I think we are not favorites, since we played first against Real Madrid. We expect a very tough game and we are going to try to play the best we can and try to win that first game"


Dubljevic added that “we are in good shape, with many victories in the Endesa League but you already know what the Cup is like. It's a game. If you lose you go home, if you win you go to the semifinals. Hopefully we have a good day, we are very motivated, this is a very important competition for us and we will see what happens”


Asked about his feelings after returning to the team after a few weeks away, the Taronja captain acknowledges that “I feel better every day, I'm sure I'm not 100% yet, I still haven't had enough practicing with the team but I'm getting better every day. This is the Copa del Rey and we are all going full throttle”.


Jaime Pradilla


For his part, the Aragonese power forward pointed out that his commitment to the quarterfinals “is a difficult game because in the end we play against Real Madrid, but we are training quite hard. We arrived with some sidelined players but I am sure that we will fight and that we will try to win the game"


Pradilla emphasizes that “Real Madrid have a great team, Tavares is a dominant pivot both in the Euroleague and in the acb. They also arrive with sidelined players, it is true that we could already beat them once in the Euroleague because our game is quite different from theirs and we have already shown that we can hurt them. We are going to try to win"