Statements Jaume Ponsarnau and Sam Van Rossom J24 Endesa League in Morabanc Andorra


Sam Van Rossom: "We started the game well but from the second quarter they have had more confidence, they started running and scoring and we had a lot of difficulties stopping their game"

Jaume Ponsarnau: “We started a bit by feeling and looking for the rhythm and we trying to have rhythm. The defensive rhythm was a little better ours from their mistakes. The game has changed because of us, with the entry of Gielo and Jelinek in the second quarter it has unbalanced us and we have not given adequate responses of low concentration, and low commitment for not defending harder so as not to give them advantages. In the second we wanted to start seriously, but they have gained confidence and it has been to row against the current. They have deservedly beaten us, we have to think about the next game "