Valencia Basket launches its new line of Pam products


Valencia Basket launches a new line specially designed for the youngest members of the household. The figure of Pam, the club's mascot, is the protagonist in this series of garments, which are even more relevant now that such fallas dates as those that correspond to these days of the month of March are approaching.

The line includes t-shirts for children and adults, bibs, pacifier holders, badges, magnets, snack bags, paint boxes ... everything prepared so that the little ones, and not so little ones, can equip themselves with the image of their favorite pet.



Babero PAM

10,00 €

Caja de pinturas PAM

5,00 €

Porta chupetes PAM

6,00 €

Chapa PAM

2,00 €

Imán PAM

2,00 €

Bolsa de merienda PAM

8,50 €

Body PAM      

16,00 €

Camiseta bebé PAM

15,00 €

Camiseta niño azul PAM

15,00 €

Camiseta Pam cara

15,00 €

Camiseta adulto PAM azul

15,00 €


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