Acunsa GBC- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Louis Labeyrie


Jaume ponsarnau


“Not too much to evaluate, congratulate Acunsa GBC for their game, they have had a good defensive rhythm and have found many players, and from there they have found accuracy and inspiration. We had a concept problem in how we defended the ball and they found Okouo in the continuations. The main problem for our team has been mental, I assume my responsibility, I had not prepared the team well for this game, and the main person responsible for the defeat, after their good work, is me ”.


Louis Labeyrie


“It was a very tough game, I think they had more ambition to want to win the game and they did. When a game starts like this, if you want to win, you have a better chance of doing it ”.