Euroleague Women Qualifiers vs Schio post-game quotes: Rubén Burgos


The coach assessed after the defeat in the first match of the Euroleague Women's qualifier against Schio that "it was a tough match, we knew it was going to be quite tactical defensively on the part of the rival. We had some actions prepared that we have been adapting during the game but it is true that our percentages have been quite low from each position on the field. Today we have had a little more success in free throws and thank goodness; shooting of three we have given up some and then our success, both of two or three, it was not optimal to punish those defensive variants that they had. The defense has been correct and I think that by phases of the game we have dominated the defense game but, nevertheless, we have not obtained enough revenue from it as we usually do as a team, scoring and running after good defenses. I think that has taken away energy and of course, also physical fatigue. Congratulations to Schio, I thinkthey have done a very good job, a good match, a solid match and a very well-worked match, but this is not over. We have been able to reduce the distance and perhaps by getting the last foul that we are not awarded, we could have cut a little more since in a two-game competition anything can happen; depending on tomorrow's result and reducing the difference that we took to rest was important. Now the most important thing is physical and mental recovery, being positive, helping each other because I believe that the options no longer depend only on us, but with a favorable result tomorrow we will have them in our hands on Thursday, so rest -that the the team needs it- and the coaches' tactical work so we can prepare as well as possible for Thursday's game. "