Rubén Burgos and Marie Gülich post J11 LF Endesa vs Baxi Ferrol quotes


The coach commented after the win that they are "satisfied with a good victory and a well-deserved rest day tomorrow for many players who accumulate minutes and who have shown commitment from the start and I think the fans can be proud of their effort. I don't know if the second half, to talk about something to improve, has lowered our defense, which may be, but we knew that their success was going to come".

Gülich said about the game that "I am very proud of us. We are having a lot of injuries and adversity lately and we had not played particularly well the last two games. I'm proud that today we found our rhythm, defending... It was tough because we are all tired, but we managed to pull through and it's a great sign that we can face adversity and overcome it".