Rubén Burgos pre R1 Playoff EuroCup Women vs Red Star quotes


Valencia Basket starts this week the EuroCup Women playoffs. In the first leg of this first round the taronja team travels to Belgrade to face Red Star. Rubén Burgos assesses how the team arrives.

Regarding the rival, Burgos analyzes that "Estrella Roja is a team whose virtue is the strength they show in their court with a dynamic, intense game and we will have to face again a team that raises lines in defense, that presses from a point guard, Katanic, we know her as a former player of Paterna last season, with a lot of ball pressure and raising lines. We will have to be smart to pass that intensity and take advantage of our virtues in the 5x5 because we are a team with more experience in our players and also in this competition".