Valencia Basket- Río Breogán post-game quotes: Juan Maroto


“It was a game that we have not understood from the beginning. Obviously, we have lacked the training rhythm and the competitive rhythm, you cannot prepare a game with what we have practiced but despite that I think we should have done some more things at the level of understanding the game, at the intensity level, at the concentration level, to work the rebound. Things that we have not been up to. It was difficult for us to enter the game and in the end we went to the heroic, the team had shown heart, but it was not enough. I'm upset, losing by a point is not worth us, now being practical, with the game very complicated, we knew that the average for the Cup as the standings are right now is important. If we had lost by 20 we would have taken the hit twice. It is not a joy to cut the disadvantage but the team has had a heart, has wanted and that is how it has been able to react ”.