Rubén Burgos post G1 Round of 16 EuroCup Women vs Orman Genclik quotes


Coach Rubén Burgos commented after the game that "we knew it was a complicated court and that is how we suffered during most of the game. For me personally it has been one of the most difficult games to coach since I've been with the team due to the situation of not being able to be with my staff. I understand this job as a team work. All our decisions are joint. It has been strange and especially rare and difficult to manage this game without my teammates. Now to recover physically, as today the rotation was shorter than usual because the situation in which Anna arrived would have been to force her given her physical condition for this game and we had to reduce the rotation. Hopefully in 48 hours we can give one hundred percent again against Girona. Surely with more energy in the Fonteta. Today having been the return game after the confinement and having spent 50% of our squad, I think the energy and the result is the best thing we can take away from this court".