Rubén Burgos pre G2 Round of 16 EuroCup Women vs Orman Genclik


Valencia Basket faces one of the most important games of this season, the second leg of the Round of 16 of the EuroCup Women against Orman Genclik. The taronja team must win by more than 2 points in the Fonteta this Thursday if they want to continue in the European competition. Rubén Burgos assesses how the team arrives.

The team is aware of the importance of this game, so the coach says that "we have the determination and conviction that it is a key game and we have earned the right to play it in La Fonteta. The result of the first leg does not pose an insurmountable barrier. We know that it is a rival that has managed to win a game against us and that could do it again here, but we believe that the script that we have to impose, and that surely in our court we will have more options to do it, will be more favorable to us. Especially what we saw in the last three quarters in Turkey. We started playing with rhythm, with situations that favored us and little by little the rival took the game to their territory and we did not know how to adapt or find the scoring capacity to attack their zone defenses".