Official statement: Allegations by Valencia Basket


Allegations by Valencia Basket when learning on Monday an ABA regulation that affects its Turkish Airlines EuroLeague game played vs Red Star


Valencia Basket wants to communicate the following regarding the aforementioned situation:


KK FMP announces the incorporation of Topic after 11 pm, after the match between Valencia Basket and Red Star. Something that could come within normality. It is not until Monday when the Club discovers that the internal regulations of the Adriatic League prevent these movements beyond January 4, for which reason it immediately presents the allegations to the competition, considering that the transfer had to have been made that day and not after, and should have been deliberately hidden so that the player could be available in case of need in our game. We would also like to remind you that Euroleague regulations require Clubs to notify player transfers or assignments on the same day they occur, something that was not done in this case. The Euroleague's response in the 48-hour period from the receipt of the minutes leaves the Club in a clear situation of defenselessness since in said document it was not possible to detect the irregularity, and it cannot be claimed that a Spanish Club is aware of the Adriatic League internal regulations, when not even the Euroleague itself was. The Club, considering that in this case it was impossible to meet that deadline, will appeal the decision.