Valencia Basket- Casademont Zaragoza post-game quotes: Álex Mumbrú


“In the first quarter we controlled the game, there was a time when we had a lot of turnovers in the first quarter, especially in fast-break, not normal, silly passes. I think that in the second quarter we didn't play a good defense and we didn't use fouls, especially at the end. We had to go one step further and in the third quarter I think we have done it defensively, the offensive accuracy has also accompanied us and we have broken the game there. And in the last quarter it's clear that you always like to finish better, with a better feeling, but the team has been good, we've won, we've given Shannon time to start joining the team, which has only been there for a few days. He has to learn everything in a very short time but today he has already entered for a few minutes and has been able to help us. A month and a half ago it seemed that entering the Cup was almost impossible, that we were wrong, that we had lost a game that was not played or that was not expected. But every time we are playing better, we are coordinating better. We have become strong with casualties and that has also been important. The bad thing about the Cup is that you qualify for the Cup but it is not played for a while, and from the time you qualify until you play it, many things can happen. It was a clear objective that we had to be and now we have to think about the next game. And when the time comes again, we will think about the Cup”.