Rubén Burgos pre P1 cuartos EuroLeague Women vs Beretta Famila Schio quotes


Valencia Basket starts the quarterfinals of the EuroLeague Women visiting Beretta Famila Schio in the first game. Rubén Burgos said that "we have been able to take advantage of the last two days to prepare and work on all the necessary aspects for the tie. In that sense it was to our advantage to bring forward the match in Leganés. We are convinced that at the level we can be right now we are going to be as competitive as we can be. We are physically and mentally prepared to face the match. We know it is a complicated tie. Having all our players healthy, I think they would be the favorites. First of all because of their court record. It is Schio's eighth participation in the quarterfinals. Secondly, because they are a team that has the home court factor in their favor for having finished second in their group".